Five Questions With Filmmaker David Bogard

David Bogard’s film, A Matter of Honor, will be at the 2015 GI Film Festival.

Where are you from and what is your film background?

I live in Maumelle, Arkansas. I am a retired Circuit Court Judge. I had been interested in film making all my life, having had an uncle who was very successful in the radio, TV and film business. When I attended USC in Los Angeles, my “Uncle Johnny”, a very fine actor, would take me on his TV and film shoots, introduce me to the cast and crew and leave with me many scripts he was using. In 1976 I wrote a feature film script, and successfully marketed and sold it. Following my retirement from law, where I was a Circuit Judge, having been appointed by then Governor Bill Clinton, I began writing, producing and filming original stories. I have directed and produced an hour long documentary and numerous narrative shorts, in addition to casting 1200 extras for the feature film “War Eagle” starring Brian Dennehy, Mary Kay Place and Mare Winningham. At 78 years of age, I is still writing and directing films with the energy and passion of someone half my age, and will continue to do so.

Who are your biggest influences in film and why?

My uncle, John Steadman who was a highly successful radio, tv and film actor. I am also a very big fan of Martin Scorsese and have all his films on DVD. I admire his film techniques and his complete understanding of the nuances of making films.

What was the hardest part about getting this film made?

The cold and long hours made making this film difficult. We shot it from dusk til dawn in the woods on very cold nights with coyotes barking throughout the night disturbing our shooting.

What do you want viewers to take away with them after watching your film?

I want viewers to realize that soldiers on both sides during our Civil War were just common men, caught up in terrible circumstances, doing the best they could to survive, and still maintain some semblance of honor.

What is a fun fact about you that would surprise people?

I attended the University of Southern California one summer and went on many film shoots with my uncle, John Steadman. I became enraptured with film making and was contemplating applying to UCLA Film School. Uncle Johnny advised me to get my business degree first, and THEN pursue making films. I followed that advice and achieved a very successful career in law. Film making then became a hobby in which I have been fairly successful.

A Matter of Honor, directed by David Bogard, is playing at Angelika on May 24, 2015. Click here for tickets.