Five Questions With Filmmaker Eric Rippetoe

Eric Rippetoe’s film, Snip, will be at the 2015 GI Film Festival.

Where are you from and what is your film background?

I’ve lived in in Northwest Louisiana (Shreveport/Bossier Area) for the last 10 years after getting stationed at Barksdale AFB. My film background started in 2013 when I attended a film festival here in Shreveport – the LA Film Prize. It was pretty unintentional. I won a free ticket by supporting one of my friends on Facebook. He directed a short film that made it in the Top 20 for 2013. I had so much fun, I instantly walked away knowing that I had to to try it myself. A few months later, I got together with a group of friends and some seasoned professional to shoot my first short, Snip.

Who are your biggest influences in film and why?

I’ve loved movies forever, and I hate to point out individual influences because I take small influences from so many genres and so many filmmakers. Most importantly though, I don’t want to be compared to anyone. I’d prefer to do my own thing and hope that I can make something that entertains people without being compared to anyone I’ve grown up watching.

What was the hardest part about getting this film made?

Lack of knowledge and experience was definitely the hardest thing about making Snip. Being my first film, I had no clue where to start. I did extensive research on YouTube and DIY websites. The one thing I did right was brought on a professional as my cinematographer. I hired Rob Senska from Bledska Works to shoot the film and I was able to find some very talented local actors. I trusted them to do what they do and they were kind enough to give an amateur filmmaker like myself a chance.

What do you want viewers to take away with them after watching your film?

I have no special message with Snip. It really started out as a test to see if I could even make a half-decent film, so I asked myself, “If I only get to make one film my whole life, what all do I want to put in it?” So naturally, that includes an opening dance number, a young girl wielding a katana, and much more. That’s where Snip comes from. It’s a story based loosely on my own life with a wide range of fun thrown in. The only thing I want people to take away from my film is a smile.

What is a fun fact about you that would surprise people?

I’m a pretty open book, so people that know me aren’t surprised by much. I think new people that meet me are most surprised to find out that I’ve skydived naked. Once you’ve been 2 miles up with no clothes on, you’re free enough where you feel like you can do anything – even something as crazy as making a film.

Snip, directed by Eric Rippetoe, is playing at Angelika on May 23. Click here for tickets.