Love in Uniform

by Carizza Gutierrez

Have you ever fallen in love? Imagine loving someone who’s a thousand of miles away from you with no assurance of coming back, or someone whose life is placed on the front lines of battle. Would you regret not stopping him/her from leaving?

Military romance isn’t  remotely close to an ordinary love affair in today’s modern courtship. For example you can’t text your deployed special someone to meet up or sneak out of class to hang out. What we do know about military romance we learn from movies.

To better understand what romance mean to the the modern day service member – let’s take a look at a few films that will help illustrate not only how hard it is to love, but how much harder it is to love when one is wearing a uniform.



Set in the year 1939, this heart breaking story follows the lives of three British characters namely Briony, Cecilia, and her lover Robbie, son of the family hoursekeeper. The plot starts with 13 year old Briony, an aspiring writer, who misinterprets Robbie’s passionate advancement towards her older sister Cecilia. Such a misunderstanding leads to false accusations and Robbie is arrested. After being freed from prison, Robbie then enlisted in the military.

Unlike most war movies, that put the spotlight on the physical battles this movie centers more on character development.

Dear John


Love can be a series of tests to discern and distinguish genuine love from pure infatuation. Take for instance the movie Dear John, a remake of the award winning novel by Nicholas Sparks in 2006. Not only does this film personify the living romance of a soldier in more recent times, but also captures the concrete day-to-day emotional challenges. The ttory paints a picture of a love affair between, United States Army Special Forces staff sergeant John Tyree and college student Savannah Curtis. Head over heels in love, the two promise to be together after John’s service in the military.

During his year away, they never failed to keep each in touch constantly through letters. ( I personally wish was still used now.) Call me old fashioned, but emails and text messages aren’t as intimate at a hand written letter.



A common twist in war movies is the entrance of old lovers, which rekindles old feelings and deeply affects the decisions of the main character. That brings us to one of the many military love classics, Casablanca, which left us with quite a cliff hanger in romance. Casablanca takes place in Morocco in the early years of World War II. Rick, main character, and owner of “Ricks place” night club is an ex-patriate American who doesn’t want to take sides in the war. This was due to his bitterness towards ex-lover Ilsa, who left him in Paris without any reason for another man. With an unexpected twist of events, all three meet up in Casablanca which brings back old feelings.  Rick must choose what he is willing to sacrifice in the name of love.

All love is fleeting and precarious at best.  However, loving someone in uniform during a time of war, guarantees that there will be the added insecurity of physical distance between the military member and their loved one. In military love, there is always be one who is left behind, one heart who will feel the pain of distance loneliness.  But even knowing the inevitable heartbreak that awaits at the end of a relationship, we still go on and love.  Because without love, what else is there in this world?