Military Fares Well at Academy

By Carizza Rosales

The most awaited, start studded night, filled with celebrities from entertainment industry is the Academy Awards. Not only is it a time to celebrate a year of high-quality entertainment, but it also  recognizes the efforts of actors and movie makers who made it all possible.

clint at oscars

As always, stars are dressed to impress with their designer gowns and suits. A little Versace here and bit of Valentino there — the designs by the top fashion designers are truly a sight to see. For some, the spectacle of celebrities walking down the red carpet is the highlight of the evening. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see what Lady Gaga has in store, knowing her all too over the top fashion style?  And what is a red carpet event without those little wardrobe malfunctions?  I have to admit that those moments make great “.gif” moments that people could just watch again and again.

Looking beyond the glitz and glamour, the cinephile few can spend the rest of their night focusing on the films and filmmakers.

Certain types of films are more likely to be nominated for the Academy Awards than others. The Academy tends to favor dramas over comedies and historical military dramas over all others.


This tradition started very early in the history of the Oscars with the very first film to ever receive an Academy Award for Best Picture in 1927, the silent film Wings. Wings is a World War One movie starring Clara Bow and Gary Cooper. This film more or less represented the height of Clara Bow’s career, and it helped get Gary Cooper’s career off the ground. At the time of its release, Wings was very much noted for its realism even though it was a silent film and depended on the over-acting of its performers. Wings also helped set the stage for the success of many other military films.

This year several films with a military story-line were up for Oscar nominations.  American Sniper, directed by Clint Eastwood won the Oscar for best in sound editing, while being nominated for 4 other Oscars including best film. The Imitation Game directed by Morten Tylum was also nominated for best film and won the Oscar for best in screen play adaptation after being nominated for 3 more Oscars.  Of the military films nominate this year, Unbroken unfortunately did not win in any category despite being nominated for best in sound mixing, sound scoring and cinematography.  That’s not too shabby for the sophmore director Angelina Jolie-Pitt.

ellen goosenberg kent

Within the documentary category, a GI Film Festival’s alumni, Ellen Goosenberg Kent was awarded an Oscar for her film, Veterans Press 1, which shows the important work of the suicide prevention hotline and spotlights the need to treat PTSD.

At the end of the night, all nominated films and filmmakers could be called winners.  And no matter what the year or political climate, good military films are always appreciated and seem to come out on top.  Keep making good films Hollywood.