Project 22
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Documentary Feature, Healing, PTSD
Release date:
May 23, 2015
1 hours 42 minutes
Daniel Egbert/Doc King
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Two combat-wounded Veterans set out on 6,500 mile, cross-country mission was to raise awareness of the high rate of suicide amongst Veterans and to show their Brothers and Sisters-in-arms that there is hope for them. During their journey, they interviewed researchers, health-care providers and Veterans. Many of those they encountered had either contemplated or attempted suicide and were able to share the life-saving alternative sources of hope that they had found. Asking hard-hitting questions and opening up about their own struggles, and painfully spurred on by recent estimations that 22 Veterans take their own lives every single day, Daniel and Doc will stop at nothing to reach tomorrow’s twenty-two.


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About the Filmmakers

Doc King

Doc King served as a US Army Scout Medic while deployed to Ramadi, Iraq from 2004 to 2005. During his three year enlistment, Doc worked as a Trauma Team Leader in the Madigan Army Medical Center and reached the rank of Sergeant. He then served as a Police Officer for nearly three years before resigning due to increased struggles with Post Traumatic Stress. After living in Seattle and New York, Doc now resides in Los Angeles and is studying Psychology at Antioch University. Doc is the co-founder of Medicinal Missions and co-directed Project 22.


Daniel Egbert

Daniel Egbert joined the Marine Corps Infantry in 2004 at 17 years old. After two deployments and four faithful years of service his time was fulfilled but extended for a third deployment to Iraq. Daniel returned to Manhattan where he and Doc were roommates, but soon the duo was broken up as Daniel extended a second time for a fourth deployment to Afghanistan. He now lives in Los Angeles, where he studies filmmaking at the Los Angeles Film School. Daniel is the co-founder of Medicinal Missions and co-directed Project 22.


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  • Mike Yoho

    Every American should see this film. It is an inspirational, emotional, heartbreaking and hopeful look at the fact that everyday 22 Veterans take their own lives. I was totally blown away by the movie and inspired to join this worthy cause.

  • Alex Bishop

    This movie is right on point and tells the story that many need to hear. If don’t change the statistics are only going to get worse. Doc and Dan are truly passionate about making the difference. See the movie, be inspired, and take action.

  • Michele Fettner

    Absolutely a must see. I so want a copy so I can show it at the school I work at.

  • stacy Garnett

    Movie touched home for me. Explained a great deal of what my father is enduring. A must see for everyone!

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