Resurrecting Warbirds
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Documentary Short, WW2
Release date:
May 23, 2015
0 hours 13 minutes
Christian Dandrea
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A unique band of modern-day adventurers searches the world for downed WW2 aircraft so that they can breathe life back into them. Missing since the 1940s, every plane is a treasure hunt. And each requires a major salvage operation. Once they have recovered a plane, they fly it back to the US, set it up in their vast private hangars, and rebuild it, bolt for bolt.


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About the Filmmaker

Christian Dandrea

Christian D’Andrea likes to tell American stories that sing the unsung, with a special focus on the inspirational characters that might get left behind or forgotten by the mainstream.

In order to find them, D’Andrea practices the lost art of Shunpiking — knowing when to “shun” the turnpike and get onto the back roads where the good stories are tucked-away. The ones that remind us of our best selves.

America is a patchwork quilt, and stories are its stitching. In a fractured age, we need unifying stories more than ever.

A trip to Yuma, Arizona, led D’Andrea to create and produce a documentary for Discovery (about the mettle of the guys at special operations freefall school), and also create a new performance nutrition bar for the troops, Soldier Fuel™, which is now featured in the U.S. Special Operations Forces Nutrition Guide.

A rather dramatic shunpike during an LA-to-DC trip involved a dip into Biloxi, Mississippi, and led to D’Andrea creating, executive-producing, and directing HURRICANE HUNTERS, a series on The Weather Channel – where he embedded and spent two years flying into hurricanes with the Air Force’s storm-penetrating weather squadron.

A recent shunning-of-the-pike near New Orleans led to the discovery of a secret Southern soap mogul and the launch of a line of hand-made, custom-designed soap for extreme adventurers and Soldiers.

Other shunpiking forays have led to stories that sold as TV concepts to places like Fox and CBS, or became articles for publications like Men’s Health, Forbes, and Politico.

He’s been a lit agent at ICM, a VP of Production at Miramax, a professor of documentary film, and a creative director on projects for Fortune 500s with a focus on re-animating cultural traits that improve ethics. He also co-wrote SHERLOCK HOMEBOY, a feature screenplay at Universal.

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