Soldiers Stories (3D)
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Documentary Short, WWI
Release date:
May 24, 2015
0 hours 30 minutes
Jonathan Kitzen
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The first ever 3-D photos from WW1.


Angelika at Mosaic

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About the Filmmaker

Jonathan Kitzen

Jonathan is a multiple award-winning film and documentary filmmaker and 2014 Oscar winning Co-Producer of LADY IN NUMBER 6. He recently drew great praise for his work producing and shooting RUNNING WITH THE BULLS 3D, a large format film about the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. His most recent writing/director work on the large format 3D COSMIC JOURNEY and historical film SOLDIERS’ STORIES have garnered numerous awards around the world for both their technical ability and content. Jonathan has been at the forefront of photographic/film technology and technical development for over 20 years and is one of the main sought after consultants in the 3D world of film and television.SOLDIERS’ STORIES represents one of the more technically challenging film projects for Kitzen as it merges technology, history, and story telling. The film required the remastering of images at 36 megapixels per eye or 18 times HD. This is at the outer limits of what existing equipment is capable of and exceeds the IMAX DI format by 300%. “It’s one thing to deal with 3D, its another to deal with 3D at the highest resolutions, and it’s quite another to have to deal with 3D that is 100 years old and taken under less than ideal circumstances that requires extensive corrections. The result was a battle worth fighting for,” says Kitzen.

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