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Narrative Short, Suspense
Release date:
May 23, 2015
0 hours 13 minutes
Step Rowe and Karen Hallford
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Detective Mike Tedesky has been housebound since the hunt for a serial arsonist left him severely burned and disfigured. Although healthy, away from the action, he has lost his purpose until a fateful decision to let a visitor in uproots his safety. Detective Nina Rossi visits him, determined to pull him out of his self-imposed prison to help her catch what could be the same man who destroyed him years ago.


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2911 District Ave, Fairfax, VA 22031 | Directions

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About the Filmmaker

Step Rowe & Karen Hallford

Director and co-star Step Rowe has been credited as an actor, casting associate, acting coach, writer, and associate producer of projects in and around Central Texas. She has previously directed two music video shorts for non-profit youth organizations. “Tedesky” marks her first narrative short directing project.

Step is most known in the industry as an acting coach, so it is fitting that “Tedesky” was originally written as an acting exercise. It enjoyed many reads in acting class, but had never been produced. When William , Step’s producing partner and husband, gave the green light to move forward in their plans to shoot a short film, he chose “Tedesky” for its intrigue and challenge. Long term friend and colleague, casting director Karen Hallford, approved the choice and came on board as Executive Producer and Co-Director.

Step Rowe was born in California, but grew up primarily in upstate New York. Her parents were originally from Ohio, but were stationed all over when her father joined the Air Force as a pilot. Two years before graduation, they were stationed in San Antonio, Texas and Step became acquainted with the University of Texas at Austin for its arts programs and to further her study. She earned her degree in Theatre from the UT Austin and went on to direct on-stage productions in high school, middle school and community theatre. She crossed over into film when she took a job as a casting assistant in the late 90s.

Step is married, has two boys, and stays active as a musician, playing keys in worship and singing original works for women’s outreach seminars.

Step Rowe
Karen Halford

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