The M.I.A’s on Tiger Mountain
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Documentary Short, Vietnam
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May 23, 2015
0 hours 52 minutes
Norman Lloyd
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In April,1968, then-Lieutenant Mike Sprayberry of Delta Company, 5th Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment, United States Army led a small group on a harrowing nighttime rescue in Vietnam’s A Shau Valley. Their mission: to save a platoon of infantrymen encircled, ambushed, and pinned down by superior North Vietnamese forces on the flank of Tiger Mountain. The rescue was successful–all of the survivors of the ambush were extracted–but the bodies of three fallen soldiers could not be recovered.


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About the Filmmaker

Norman Lloyd

Norman Lloyd grew up in a coal mining town 50 miles south of Sydney Australia . Eventually, he saved enough money to purchase his first camera, a Bolex 16mm (which he would later carry with him to Vietnam). In June of 1965, Lloyd landed a job as a cameraman for a local TV station. After a few years of experience, he flew to Vietnam on a one way ticket to cover the war as a freelance cameraman. Lloyd covered the war for four years, filming combat in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. While covering the war, Lloyd was embedded with U.S. troops in the field. Through his close contact with troops, Lloyd developed a deep respect and appreciation for the commitment and sacrifice he witnessed. As a young man, Lloyd had admired and appreciated the US for the role they played in rescuing Australia from the Japanese during World War II and his first hand experience with US troops in South East Asia fortified his reverence for the US military. After the war ended, Lloyd continued to work for CBS News and later for 60 Minutes. In 1976 Lloyd moved to the U.S. and today is a proud and patriotic citizen of the United States.
In 2004, Lloyd packed up his camera gear and retired from television news, ending a 40 year career marked by numerous awards and accolades, including 10 Emmy Awards. It was at this time that he began working on his first documentary feature, SHAKEY’S HILL, about the battalion of men he was first embedded with only weeks after arriving in Cambodia in 1970.

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  • Ben Van Etten

    I’m looking forward to seeing your film and thank you for your efforts to bring our brothers home. Tomahawk 11 (65-66)

  • Hank Bruckner

    We need to get them back home. God bless this effort

  • Paul Shannon

    I’m grateful for those who really care and you are certainly one of them. I wish I could be a part of this mission with you because I’ve always felt that all of us never got a chance to finish our mission. Perhaps I’ll go to my grave with that thought. My thoughts will be with you and I’m looking forward to the film.
    Paul Shannon RVN 1967-1969

  • Thomas Rankin

    I dont know where to vote, but I give the film maker and producers 5 stars for their film effort!! I was there in Ashau in 68! , 1/9th Cav, C troop!

    • CR

      You vote at the top of this page where the rating stars are. Mouse over the number of stars you want to vote and then click. (you should first watch the video trailer”)



  • Sally Towns

    Don Phares, I am so proud of you. You are one of my biggest heroes. I love you and Lanie so much. Wonderful film.

  • Bob Weekley

    Mike exemplifies the honor and tradition that America never forgets its fallen. His striving today is a continuation of the heroism that led to his receiving the Medal of Honor. I hope many will see this film.

  • Roger DeWitt

    With Gene, Hank and Joe on board, what choice does one have? Love the determination. Do I want to go back? I don’t think so. What we did and how we lived are long gone and few would understand today. It may have been God and country at some point, but it became for each other. It was not about rank, it was about getting that man with the rifle in and out at sometimes horrible cost. Bringing brothers home is the most noble endeavor. Bless these efforts.

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  • Lorraine Penrod

    I hope this film is produced and showed everywhere in the US. I also hope the bodies are found and returned home

  • Thomas Harnisher

    I look forward to seeing this movie. Gog Bless The American Heros.



  • Willie Gore

    It was 47 years and 8 days ago when we made the air assault into the Ashu Valley.
    Many brave sky troopers did us proud.
    God bless you and all who served.

  • Eddie Ratcliffe

    Norman Lloyd and Mike Sprayberry are both top of my list of real heroes. Norman’s relentless efforts to record and publicise the battles and accomplishments of the 5/7 Cav are unsurpassed as were his efforts under fire in Vietnam. Mike Sprayberry earned his MOH in his dedication to his men. Truly a gentleman’s hero then and now. I was there in The A Shau as a Pathfinder working with 5/7, so I know firsthand Mike’s commitment to his men.

  • Michael S Davison, Jr.

    After you view the film, please write your US Congressman and Senators. Express your concerns that the US Government and Department of Defense have not yet sent in search teams to find and recover the remains of these six men. Served with Don Pahres in C Co 5/7 Cav and with Mike Sprayberry in 3rd Infantry Divsion, Germany late 70s. I salute you for your efforts for these six to bring them home!

    • Charles Krohn

      Mike, a great idea, especially since I’m not sure how much longer the group operating out of Hawaii will be around.

  • Jerry (Old man) Pembleton

    God Bless Mike for all his work on this and Norman for the film. I was in “A” company in the valley.

  • Henry (Hank) Thomas

    Norman interviewed me in 2012; to add my sad butt to his film ( commitment and sacrifice) now that it’s done, I to am a movie star! LOL. 😉 The name’s been changed to The MIA’s on Tiger Mountain. But it is still ABOUT OUR MIA”s ; as well as the three chopper people who tried to retrieve them a few days later. All six are Still not back where they Rite-fully belong ( buried on American soil) Henry (Hank) Thomas Delta company 5/7 Cav. May 67 – 68

  • John Gonzales

    I met these fine gentlemen at a 5/7th Bn. reunion in D.C. back in 2012 that I attended with my father Juan Carlos Gonzales. Much respect and admiration for all who served during this war. I also met Norman Lloyd at this same reunion along with Joe Galloway. Truly amazing people you all are!


    John Gonzales
    U.S. Army 1992-1999

  • Dewey Bennett

    5 stars

  • Karl F Haartz

    This film gives the perspective of a young man who went to war (which is hell) and the consequences of that experience. As combat infantrymen we see things that get embedded in our minds forever and now try to live with them. A must see film.

  • William Litvjak

    We should never forget the six MIA’s (3 from the 5/7 CAV and 3 from the 1/9 CAV), as well as the brothers-in-arms, who also did not come back from Tiger Mountain.

  • Miles Riggall

    1966 USAF
    1972 Army Helicopter Pilot

  • John Kraemer

    Mike exemplifies extraordinary selfless courage and unbounded compassion in an unceasing committment to those he has served with and their families. Mike is the definition of heroism, compassion and commitment to all who know him. May God bless him in his ongoing quest.

  • CW4(ret) Monte Johnson A1/9 cav 1st Cavdiv

    I would rate this as 5 stars. My unit also lost brothers, some of whom are still BNR, and we continue to hope that they will someday be found and recovered and brought back home. Monte Johnson RVN 70-71

  • Steve Robinson

    I was pleased to see many of my photos in this latest documentary. I spent 9 weeks in the A-Shau Valley filming Bravo Company and Delta Company 5/7th. I recently finished printing more prints from the slides I took on Tiger Mountain to Khe Sahn. Garry Owen!

  • Sharyn Lloyd

    Congratulations! Very interested to see this doco, no doubt as brilliant as the first….c’mon Uncle Norman….send some copies Down Under xx

  • Bill Nichols 134th AHC, RVN: '68-'69

    Please get this documentary to the public. Shed some light on the heroes of the “Vietnam Conflict”. Five stars.

  • Susan Castaneda

    I received this email from my Aunt Stephanie Callahan . Her brother and my father WO CL Callahan III was KIA in the A Shau valley in July 1968 . He also was a helicopter pilot and was sling loading supplies to ambushed troops when his helicopter was shot down . Everyone on board was KIA . I hope and pray that these soldiers bodies may be found and returned to the USA .
    God bless ,
    Susan C.

  • Jack Daniel

    We wish we could see the film especially because I was a platoon leader with D Troop 7th of the 17th Cav in 1967-68.

  • Derek Williams

    I would give Norma’s film 5 stars!

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