Out of the hundreds of screenwriters who submitted their work for consideration to the GIFF Film festival, these outstanding 10 screenplays made the top 10.

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Jonah’s Gift

Written by Kimberly Seilhamer

Logline: JONAH’S GIFT is about a magical, antique toy soldier simply called “Captain” who teaches a troubled country boy valuable lessons about love, courage, and the importance of family in 1950’s rural Pennsylvania.

About the Writer: Kimberly Seilhamer, a Marine Corps Veteran, is a feature film writer / director / producer and Television Content Creator. She has three produced feature Written by credits, one feature Directed by credit, and some production credits. She also has several Television shows (both scripted and unscripted) in development. She is well versed in the various genres, especially thriller and horror.

Kimberly helms two small production companies. Kilo Entertainment produces mainstream genre films and mainstream unscripted and scripted television. She is probably best known for JACK THE REAPER, which enjoyed its first premiere at Marche Du Cannes Film Market on May 11, 2011 AND reaped BEST HORROR / SCIFI film at the Cannes Independent Film Festival, also in 2011. JTR can presently be seen on SHOWTIME, CHILLER and NETFLIX. Her second production company, Baakari Entertainment, focuses on films about animals, the environment, and humanity.

David Perkins

Text Messages to God

Written by David Bryant Perkins

Logline:  ISIS takeover of Mosul forces two archeologists to masquerade as doctors to stay alive while uncovering a pre-Christian mystery that becomes the center of interest for several governments, the Vatican, and corporate-military groups unknown.

About the Writer:  Born to the sound of B-36 engines revealing when dad was leaving or coming home from work, David is a three-time All American swimmer from Texas who graduated with a degree in Psychology from U.T. Arlington. Drawn to Germany by the European synthesizer sounds of the 1980’s, he later discovered & interviewed figures who had a working knowledge of how astrology & the occult were a factor in Nazi decisions & policy before & during WWII, which after 24 years of research lead to his first book, HITLER’S ASTROLOGER, now a screenplay as well.  David is currently a doctoral student in Online Instructional Design, is a proud father of his daughter Amanda, who is graduating from high school just after the GIFF festival!  www.davidbryantperkins.com

Steve B. Newman

One More Christmas

Written by Steve Newman

Logline: A wounded warrior struggles with PTSD as he recalls being raised by his strict, but loving great grandfather then returns home to find love and his true purpose in life.

About the Writer: Steven B. Newman’s perspective as a combat veteran brings truth and realism to his writing. He reveals the heart and spirit of our nation’s greatest warriors and shows them for who they really are; the young men and women who grew up next door and went on to become something extraordinary. Steve is a graduate of Columbia College and a published author. He currently resides in Midwest City, Oklahoma where he continues writing screenplays and novels about life as a soldier and helping others, especially veterans, achieve their creative dreams.

Eric Nelson


Written by Eric Nelson, Aidan McGlaze, and Adrian Bonenberger

Logline: A straight-laced new officer gets no respect from his battle-hardened soldiers, but when one is captured by a hardcore terrorist, he must lead his men into the borderlands of Afghanistan on a high-risk rescue mission.

About the Writer: Eric Nelson served as an infantryman in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is now a writer and brain science researcher based in New York City, where he has worked and received mentoring in filmmaking through a veterans arts group at Columbia University. Eric wrote DUSTWUN with friends Adrian Bonenberger, a fellow Afghanistan veteran whose first book Afghan Post was published last year, and Aidan McGlaze, a human-rights lawyer who lives in Los Angeles and has done creative work in Hollywood.

Brian Delate
Eric Pederson

Dante’s Obsession

Written by Brian Delate and Eric Pederson

Logline: Dante’s Obsession brings you into the darkness and terror of fighting that took place in the labyrinth of tunnels that surrounded Saigon at the height of the Vietnam War. An American Lieutenant and a very beautiful but deadly Vietcong guerrilla must make life and death decisions between love and duty.

About the Writers: Brian is a combat veteran of the Vietnam War (1969-70) where he served as a decorated non-commissioned officer. He wrote and directed the award winning indie feature Soldier’s Heart, which won the Best Narrative Feature Award here at the GIFF. He’s had a diverse and rewarding career in film, theatre and TV.  On the big screen Brian has worked with such luminaries as Al Pacino, Jim Carrey, Jodie Foster, Laura Linney, Ed Harris, Tim and many others. Brian has been featured in such films and television shows as The Comeback (5 eps), Nice Guy Johnny, The Brave One, The Shawshank Redemption, The Truman Show, Buffalo Soldiers, Home Before Dark, Sudden Death, Sex in the City, Unforgettable, and more. Recently, Brian has been performing his play Memorial Day, which he wrote and last year presented in Hanoi on their National Stage in front of the former enemy and many others. There is a documentary now being assembled on that remarkable trip. He is also a lifetime member of The Actors Studio, where he also serves on its Board of Directors.

Eric Pederson’s deep involvement in the Veteran’s community has inspired him to write screenplays for both film and television. Among his credits is Dante’s Obsession, a finalist in the screenplay competition at the 2015 G.I. Film Festival. This powerful drama, co-written with Brian Delate, focuses on the tunnel warfare that took place in Vietnam at the height of the war. Mr. Pederson’s love for history inspired Buffalo Soldiers, a fascinating screenplay that addresses the concerns of the African American U.S. Cavalry Unit that fought against the Apache Indians. In response, he received personal letters of appreciation from former Chairman Joint Chief of Staff, Colin L. Powell. His achievements include the documentary My Friend, Saint Exupery, which was commissioned by the Pier Pont Morgan Museum in NYC, as well as the screenplay for Medicine Show, which won 1st Place in the ‘Best in the West’ Screenplay competition. His animated video, Christopher Walken and Arnold Schwarzenegger Sing Holiday Hits is a favorite on YouTube. Other works include The Swordmasters of New York and Open Air. In the art world, Mr. Pederson has received recognition for his original box sculptures and dioramas, including the Battle of Fort Fisher, which was featured in the Wilmington Historical Society. He resides in NYC.

Frances A. Cheever

Rally Point

Written by Frances A. Cheever

Logline: When a routine peacekeeping mission takes an unexpected turn for the worse, it’s up to Captain Bobby Rentara, a wounded warrior amputee back in action, back in command of the Army’s all airborne, premier combat-ready medical team to get boots on the ground in 72 hours halfway around the world in Kosovo. In a race against the clock, this motley crew of adrenaline junkies, men and women are forced to take lives as well as save them to survive. The only way back home alive…is dead

About the Writer: Frances A. Cheever served in the United States Army for three decades as a senior NCO (E-7) and Officer in the Army Nurse Corps, making her one of the few female “Mustangs.” Primarily at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC, she had the honor to care for America’s Wounded Warriors, service men and women, veterans and family members. Now a noted writer, Retired Major A. Cheever, a certified trauma nurse and prior mobilization chief provides an insightful and unique perspective to her action screenplay, RALLY POINT. She’s currently developing this project into a franchise/episodic series that will allow the military genre to be seen in a new and enticing way. It is her hope that she will pave the way for Veterans to get their “Boot in the door.”

RALLY POINT was selected for the 9th Annual Script DC | Women in Film and Video for the Washington writers “Spotlight on Screenwriters” catalogue. Frances co-produced a winning short at the GI Film Festival “My VA Experience,” and she is showcased in the VA national campaign, “It Matters.” A member of Veterans in Film & Television, American Legion Post 43 Hollywood, and Women in Film, Television & Video, Frances is also pursuing her Masters in Producing Film, Television and Video at American University.

RJ Nevens

Walking Point

Written by RJ Nevens

Logline: During The Pacific Campaign, a young Marine, assigned to the first war dog platoon, relies on his training and the bond with his donated canine, the heroic Duke, to survive against their formidable enemy; the Japanese.

About the Writer: Born in Little Rock, Arkansas raised in Nashville, and now residing in Houston, RJ always had a knack for pushing a pencil around on a piece of paper. Nevens graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a B.A. in Political Science. He has since been a leader in the risk management field for major healthcare companies, leading outsourced HR firms, and a small business owner. His work takes him around the globe. However, RJ is more comfortable in a chair writing a good story. His feature screenplay Walking Point, made waves during 2014 by winning or being an official finalist in several major screenplay competitions. He also wrote Tartarus: The Devil’s Basement, The Treasure of Bobby B. Goldbarr, a short script Locked in Love during 2014. He is currently working on another feature screenplay and is adapting Walking Point into a novel, which will be available later in the summer 2015.

David Barrett

Rain of Ruin

Written by David Barrett

Logline: Risking assassination, one man struggles to convince his government, determined to fight the final battle of WWII on Japanese soil, to end the war. Another man, the untested American President faces an ominous decision; should he invade Japan and risk catastrophic casualties or use the most powerful weapon ever created?

About the Writer: Historian David Dean Barrett specializes in bringing history to life through his writing, speaking, and research. Over a career spanning more than three decades, including tenure with globally based AT&T, NCR, and Visa, Mr. Barrett has held positions in: senior management, product development and management, operations, marketing research, sales, project management, IT consulting, and as an Executive Producer for an independent motion picture.
In 2001, David began the final chapter of his career, becoming a professional historian, by returning to his Alma Mater the University of Colorado to get a Master’s Degree in History. Since his graduation in 2006, and while still working full-time for Visa, David has volunteered his time to: conduct dozens of interviews for the Veterans History Project, provided business consulting for the American Patriots History Association, served on the Board of Directors for the Rocky Flats Cold War Museum, and been a guardian for Rocky Mountain Honor Flight. In 2012, he left corporate America and opened the doors for his new company, One With History, Inc. Since starting One With History, David has performed research for Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum and for the motion picture company Almighty Dog Productions, and assisted Lou Reda Productions, of World War II in HD fame, in the development of a “TV pitch” for a bookend series entitled “WWII in HD the Final Offenses.” However, most of David’s time has devoted to working on a feature motion picture screenplay and book of the same name, “Rain of Ruin,” about the end of the Pacific War.

Silvio Alfonso Nacucchi

Fifty Years in May

Written by Silvio Nacucchi

About the Writer: Italian indie filmmaker. His award-winning works (drama, thriller, comedy, war, Sci-fi genre) feature and shorts, are actually released all around the world. He was been a Syd Field (as screenwriter) and a New York Film Academy (as director) student. Producer and Executive producer, he working with Western and Eastern productions.

Clint Morey

When I Fall in Love

Written by Clint Morey

Logline: A self-centered girl’s perfect world is turned upside down when she has to care for her grandparents.

About the Writer: Clint is a best selling author who loves telling stories — through novels, short stories, screenplays, and in front of people willing to listen.  When I Fall in Love draws on his experiences in the Vietnam War and his life in Montana and seeks to answer the question, “What is true love?” When I Fall in Love is a coming-of-age story with absolutely zero shades of grey. It’s a low budget feature (unless you hire an A-list actor, which Clint highly recommends).

While several of Clint’s screenplays have been optioned, none have made it out of what Hollywood calls “Development” to reach the big screen. He is very open to producers who would like to change that state of affairs. He has had one short produced and a one act play published and was a Nicholl semifinalist with a comedy script. Clint has had a little more success with his novels, one of which became the #12 best selling book on Amazon. Not too shabby for a city boy who was willing to leave the concrete and smog of L.A. and bring his family to this place called Montana.